Archetypes – Emotional symbols that are universal to all individuals.
Anima - The archetype representing the female element of a man.
Animus – The archetype representing the male element of a woman.
Collective unconscious – Elements of the mind that contains a level of conscious that is made up of archetypes that are universal across all individuals.
Ego – According to Jung it is the aspect of personality that is conscious and encases the one’s self.
Persona – The archetype representing the socially correct front that is show to other individuals.
Oedipus complex – A boy's sexual feelings towards his mother and competitive nature towards the father.
NeoAnalytic Approach – Is the approach which is focused on individual’s sense of self as the core of personality.
Libido – Sigmund Freud describes libido as a sexual energy and Carl Jung describes the term as general psychic energy not sexual in nature.
Conscious Mind – At the any given moment the conscious mind consists of thoughts, memories, urges and fantasies we are actively responsive of.
Psychoanalysis - Method in which Sigmund Freud use to understand human behavior.
Psychoanalytic - Freud's method to understand personality.
Psyche - According to Carl Jung it is the essence of the human mind, spirit and soul.
Demon Archetype - Archetype that embodies cruelty and evil according to Jung.
Freudian slip - An error in which reveals something about the person's unconscious.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Broadly used instrument to measure introversion and extroversion in a person.

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